Lisbon, Portugal – Arrival/Chegada

From a spectacular sunrise in Vancouver, BC to a cold and gray Frankfurt morning, to a mild but drizzly day in Lisbon, Portugal… we have traveled far over the last 24 hours. Energized from the excitement of our arrival in Lisbon, the adventure begins as we take the City Centre bus #1 to our hotel – Brown’s Downtown. Making our way to the Rossio stop, Jay writes, “the neighborhoods pass, like waves, each with their own character and pulse – palm trees, cars parked on cobblestone sidewalks, ancient tiled facades, monuments at many intersections.” We sense the history and grandeur of Lisbon.

Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon, Portugal
Arco da Rua Augusta, Lisbon

After a siesta and consult with the friendly and helpful hotel staff, we head out for the evening with a loose walking plan and a destination for dinner.

Church on Rue da Alfandega, Lisbon, Portugal
Church on Rue da Alfandega, Lisbon
Populi Caffe, Lisbon, Portugal
Arriving in the square, Populi Caffe in the far corner.
Populi Caffe and Restaurant floor tiles, Lisbon, Portugal
Populi Caffe and Restaurant floor tiles.

Recommended by our hotel concierge, Populi is a short walk away, and very welcoming as we approach it across the square. Beginning with glasses of red wine from the Douro region of Portugal (graceful, with notes of black cherry), and a burlap sack of focaccia and peasant bread we settle right in. Roban, our waiter, guides us through the menu and we enjoy his friendly conversation. After a plate of charcuteries, Jay has a very nicely cooked and tasty duck risotto with fresh rosemary & thyme. I enjoy lighter fare, a bowl of the traditional sausage, potato and kale soup… potatoes pureed into the broth with little chunks of sausage and a chiffonade of kale – perfectly executed.

Populi Caffe and Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal
Art and sculpture in the Populi Caffe and Restaurant.

At the end of the meal, Roban brings us complimentary glasses of Ginjinha – a delicious Portuguese sour cherry-infused liqueur – popular in Lisbon.

Populi Caffe and; Restaurant, Lisbon, Portugal
View from the balcony
Populi Caffe and Restaurant, Lisbon, Portugal
Sophisticated interior of Populi.

Wandering back to the hotel after dinner, enjoying the fresh air and quiet energy of the city, a sliver of moon appears as we round the corner.

Moon in Lisbon, Portugal

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  • Beautiful – your descriptions make me feel like I’m right there with you, enjoying the sights and sounds. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

  • Gail Johannes says:

    Sue and Jay – Able to travel and savor with you as you go along – beautifully supported with your photography. More!

  • Leslie Rae Schmitz says:

    Dear Sue and Jay ~ With your words and pictures, I taste the food and feel that I could dance in the Lisbon streets! Thank you for this ~
    x, Leslie

  • Lovely post and photos to start back up on… and surroundings- sweet! Already a fantastic first evening and so many more to come. Drink it all in and fill your souls. Look forward to more! x wendy

  • Hi Kimballs!

    How fun to get your blog! Dave and I are in Australia now and I’ve been sending the occasional email to people at home. I love the photos and your commentary. What do I need to do, check your blog every so often? If you send an email to a list of people when you have a new blog, please put our address on it. If not, I’ll just check periodically. Sounds as though you are having a wonderful first day. We are enjoying summer here and are near Bondi Beach.

  • Hi Sandy,
    You may check my blog periodically or subscribe. At the top of the page is a button that says “Subscribe”, if you click on that you will see an option to “Get travel.sketch.write delivered by email”, click on that and enter your email. You will be sent an email to confirm, then you will receive any posts I write automatically. Have a wonderful winter in Australia and let’s get together upon your return.

  • Portuguese kale soup…a classic my mother used to make with linguica and fresh mint. We’ll continue the tradition when you return. what a graceful beginning and love the moon shot.

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