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This week in our yoga class Arron read from Eknath Eswaran’s Mantram HandbookThe Elephant and the Bamboo – comparing the elephant’s constantly moving trunk to our human mind. As the man in charge of the elephant gives him a stick of bamboo to hold onto in order to keep his trunk still, so may we quiet our mind by repeating a mantram/mantra. Struck by the reading I decided to write it out in my sketchbook; the watercolor elephant seemed a natural addition.

Coincidentally, at the end of yoga one of our classmate’s made an announcement… Philip Glass’s opera, Satyagraha, would be broadcast live at our local performing arts center this Sunday. Satyagraha tells the story of Gandhi’s early years in South Africa, where he developed his philosophy of non-violence. Jay and I went home and made reservations online. We were going to the Opera for $13 a piece!

Eknath Easwaran's The Elephant and the Bamboo
Eknath Easwaran's The Elephant and the Bamboo from my sketchbook

Metropolitan Opera Live in HD (also known as The Met: Live in HD) is a series of live opera performances transmitted in high-definition video via satellite from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City to select venues, primarily movie theaters, in the United States and other parts of the world. The first transmission was of a condensed English-language version of Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte on December 30, 2006.

This year the Metropolitan Opera’s Peabody and Emmy Award-winning series The Met: Live in HD continues for its sixth season, featuring 11 live transmissions. Our local performing arts center is in its first year of transmission. When we saw Satyagraha, the transmission included interviews with the composer Philip Glass, the director, and some of the actors, including Richard Croft who plays Ghandi. The entire experience is incredible – picture a large movie screen, encompassing surround sound, and intimate multi-angled camera work that allows us to visually connect with the actors in a way not usually possible.

I took a quick look at the Met’s website and learned that in Washington State there are 19 venues for viewing. Russia is the latest country to join the Met’s groundbreaking live entertainment initiative; 1,600 theaters in 54 countries, including new additions: Israel and China. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Met live at your local movie theater or in a city you may be visiting. All the major cities have venues and click here on Met Live for a PDF of all the current locations for viewing. Can you tell I am excited about this?

There are recordings of the opera… click here on Satyagraha for information on the recording by composer, Philip Glass, with Christopher Keene conducting the New York City Opera Orchestra. And to read about Eknath Easwaran’s book: Gandhi the Man: How One Man Changed Himself to Change the World just click on the title of the book.

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  • Beautiful sketch and words. You wrote that free hand in your book?
    Thanks for sharing it.
    And great tip on the MET LIVE – they have expanded to Germany. I found it in Hamburg!

  • Hi Wendy ~ thank you for your comment. Yes, I did write the story in my sketchbook (I did pencil in column guides). I am enjoying the mix of words and images… harkens back to my days as a graphic designer. Tonight we are going to see the National Theatre Live On Screen, a new play by John Hodge, “Collaborators”. Here is the description: Hodge’s blistering new play, captured live from the National Theatre in London, depicts a lethal game of cat and mouse through which the appalling compromises and humiliations inflicted on any artist by those with power are held up to scrutiny. Alex Jennings plays Bulgakov and Simon Russell Beale, Stalin.

    Hugs to you in Hamburg!

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