Watercolor palette

Today after refreshing my travel watercolor palette I decided to make a sketch of my palette colors. These are Daniel Smith tube watercolors I purchased as a set from Daniel Smith a few years ago when taking a watercolor course. Other quality brands for tube watercolors include Holbein and Windsor Newton.

sketch watercolor pallet
Illustration of my watercolor palette

My travel palette is plastic, measures about 4″ by 8″, and holds twenty watercolors with room for mixing. It is incredibly light and is easy to pack in my purse or backpack with a sketchbook. My palette is not new but I recently read in Jude Siegel’s book – A Pacific NW Nature Sketchbook – that it is good to scruff up the surface of the mixing area before you put the paint in. This allows the paint to puddle nicely versus beading up. So I used a 320 grit sandpaper that we had in the garage to create some texture and afterwards washed off the palette to remove the plastic dust.

Next I had to decide how to place my colors in the palette and, in general, it worked out to have warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other. As I was filling the pans I created my illustration of my palette in my sketch book. This was a great exercise because in creating my sketch I realized there were some colors I would like to add – time to personalize my palette. I ordered three tubes of watercolor paint from Daniel Smith online – Quinacridone Pink, Raw Sienna, and Undersea Green (all Daniel Smith paints). Luck was with me, Daniel Smith was having a free shipping offer with no minimum order limits.

My watercolors last a long time because I am mostly sketching with ink and then adding some watercolor. For more information on sketching, my list of supplies I take when traveling… please see my post Sketching on Vacation.

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  • Hi Sue,
    I am enjoying looking at your BLOG! First, the MacBook Air caught my eye, and now, new NEWS to me, you are also a painter~see what one learns online. Enjoying seeing your palette drawing. I am also arranging pastels according to color and value, and that’s…another story!
    Happy travels and feel free to keep me posted.
    Best to Jay too!

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