Hahei, NZ – Coromandel Peninsula

Pulling into Hahei we began to look for lodging. After some searching we found a Garden Studio at the Cathedral Cove Lodge Villas part of the Hahei Holiday Resort. Simple and clean the room is just a stone’s throw from the beach and was available for two nights. Yahoo! Jay quickly headed off to the beach for a swim and some reading.

Tonight we dined at The Church – a restaurant in Hahei serving “smart” food and housed in a historic Methodist Church. Both of us choose the evening’s special – baked Hapuka on a bed of rocket and black olive parsley risotto. Hapuka is a meaty white fish – sort of a cross between snapper and grouper. Delicious. Paired with the fish was an Amisfield Savingnon Blanc from the central Otago… quite lively on the palate with overtones of grapefruit – a perfect pairing with the fish.

Hahei, NZ
Flowers at The Church Restaurant in Hahei

Friday morning we headed over to Cathedral Cove, about a mile north of where we were staying. It was nice arriving early – parking was readily available, it was the cooler part of the day, and the trails down to the cove had fewer people on them. The hike down takes about 40 minutes, mostly down hill. We brought plenty of water for the trek. On the way down, the intense sound of locust were ever present, and resident grazing cattle would frequently be spied path-side.

Cathedral Cove Cows
Cows on the trail down to Cathedral Cove

The cove slowly reveals itself, first through the sound of the surf filtering through the trees, then glimpses of limestone bluffs rising from the ocean, worn by millennia of pounding waves. There are two beaches, divided by the “cathedral” – a cavernous hole worn through the bluff by the sea. At low tide you can walk through it, passing from one beach to the other. This is a beautiful spot, and a great place to swim and body surf.

Cathedral Cove, in Hahai, NZ
Cathedral Cove, in Hahei, NZ
Cathedral Cove, in Hahai, NZ
Cathedral Cove, in Hahei, NZ

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